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    kawasaki 2005 stx 15f wont start


    I bought my 1st jet ski 2 months ago.
    a kawasaki stx 15f with 102 hours.

    The ski works great, but the last 2 times I took it to the lake, it wont start (battery light on).
    When I use the jumper cable it starts right on, and once it's on the water for a few minute, it works fine and cranks right up.
    Until I take it home, and 3 days after siting in my garage the battery dies again.

    I'm sure the battery needs to be replaced. What kind of battery would you recommend? Is there a specific 17a battery that works with this ski? I'm planning to take it to autozone to get the battery checked and replaced but I wanted some advice 1st.
    Any advise is appreciated

    Second question: does the 2005 model has the secondary waterbox?


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    I like the sealed batteries from O'Reilly's because they have real solid lugs for the screws, rather than those cheapo little 'cages' with nuts in them.

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