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    Issues with recently acquired Waveraider

    New to jet skis and this forum. Bought a 1995 Waveraider 1100 last week and had several issues that you might be able to help me with. It had not been in the water since last summer, but fires up and runs pretty well.
    First issue: When I first test rode it, I noticed that if I'm at idle and turn the handlebars all the way to either side, it will die upon gunning. I'm assuming that's due to the greater load on the engine that might work itself out as time and fresher gas take hold. I put in new plugs and the compression checked out.
    Second issue: The first two times we had it out, it had minimal water in the hull. The third time, it seemed to have considerable water but the riding was not much different from the first two.
    Third issue: I just noticed a drip line of very smelly oil coming out of the small through hull port on the left side of the hull just under the gunnel. Where is that coming from?

    Any thoughts on any of these issues would be much appreciated. - thanks, Chuck

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    Our raider had a bog issue as well. It took a few new tanks of gas with about six ounces of ring free additive mixed in each time before I felt like the bog started to go away and the ski was running as smooth as it should. I'm sure I could have cleaned the carbs or whatever for quicker results, but that's not my show. For the water in the hull ours is minimal to non-existent every time we take it out. I assume there is a bilge system somewhere in the design. Perhaps yours is not working. I cant point you to that but someone on here can.

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    Update - I rode it tonight and it did not die under the "fast start with turned handlebars". I think the fresher gas is helping as you pointed out. I also did not get any water in the hull. Upon inquisition, my son admitted he was getting a lot of water over the ski the other day by playing in big boat wakes. Hence, that explains the water in the hull. And finally, that pilot water hose was clogged by something that looked like a baked bean (I'm not making this up). I cleared it and tonight it was peeing as it should. The idle is a bit rough, but other than that, it seems to be working fine now.

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    That "baked bean", was most likely a spider egg sac. They show up in all the strange cracks & crevences on skis & boats ... after they sit awhile (sometimes overnight). LOL

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    Run some k100 or seafoam.
    Change the fuel filter and plugs.
    For less than $20 you will be better off.

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