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    97 Sl 1050.. Should I be worried about electrical issues??

    So I ended up buying a sl 1050 about a month ago. It is in really good shape and the only stuff I ended up doing to it include cleaning the carbs and replacing the gray tempo fuel lines and it runs mint. However, after reading the forums (and starting to get a little nervous) I see people talking about the ignition updates to this machine. First of all, whats an easy way to know if it was updated? Second, if it turns out it wasn't updated, should I be worried and sell the machine now or do you think it will be fine? I dont want to dump 600 bucks into an update. I just want some opinions, any input would be great thanks.

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    Split the e box and check the part number.

    Ive had 2 sl1050s and one sltx and a sl900. I had to update the ignition on one 1050 only because the ebox grounded out on the battery and fried it. I could be lucky but I would personally just run it and enjoy it

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    I would run it and enjoy it. When the time comes, if it needs the update then do the update. If it already has the update, even better.

    You can open the electric box and post the part number on the CDI module

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    I've had one for 10yrs all original parts, runs very strong and keeps up with my 1200's

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    Do not jump start these skis with a vehicle!!!!

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    Alright thanks guys. I'm just gonna enjoy it like you said. Later today i will check the box to see what part number it has. But like i said it runs mint so I think I will take it out again this weekend!

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