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    95 xp filling up with water no power

    I took my 95 sea doo xp out this weekend when i put it in the water it took a few minutes to get started. After that i took off in ran fine for a few minutes then it started losing power to the point i couldnt get it above 3000rpm. Once i got it back to shore i noticed the haul had about 6 in of water in it and the exuast was dripping water from between the manifold and the head. Also it runs fine out of water with the expeption of the idle raised up on its own. Any ideas?

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    You have a leak between the exhaust pipe and the manifold. That is where the water is coming from. Probably filling your hull up with exhaust and choking the engine. Check your exhaust mounts.

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    I went ahead and ordered a gasket kit right now. Is there anything else i need to keep my eye out for when i have it apart?

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    Use a flat bastard file and true up the gasket mating surfaces. The exhaust parts are almost always warped some.

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