Hello Everyone!

I have been hiding in the shadows, mainly reading, and building up my 2007 gpr1300 hull with a 2008 rxp-x engine. Currently, I am running the stock size gp1300r pump with a 16/24 prop, but I still feel I am losing quite a few MPHs somewhere. I have not had a chance to gps it, but I believe I am in the high 70s, which shouldn't be the case. I currently have the stock nozzle on as well , will be changed soon. I am at 13-14 psi at 8200 rpm. What would be about the right pump/impeller combination for top end speed. My holeshot is pretty terrible, I hit the rev limiter even with the 16/24 prop, which is slightly better than when I had it at 14/24. Engine wise, it is all pretty stock, other than 50 lbs injectors and a rrfpr to keep me rich on top.

Thanks for any suggestions you guys may have!