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    96 sl 780 cranks but won't turn Over

    1996 sl 780 cranks but won't turn over. I have rebuilt carbs, new battery, new spark plugs, cleaned plug wires, rebuilt fuel pump, checked float in fuel tank also emptied and cleaned fuel tank, and fresh fuel.

    i bought the ski from a friend about a month ago. It was serviced every summer and winter, and kept in a shop under a cover. It sat for a little more than a year and started and ran no problem was a little rough, I figured it was old fuel. After getting it home and putting new plugs and gas it wouldn't start again. So I ran through the list you provided here and still can't get it to run. I am really surprised how clean the engine was, as well as everything else. I don't know squat about jet skis, but have mechanical ability and tools just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance


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    Do you have spark? Do you have fuel getting to the engine?

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    Yes I am getting fuel, there was new fuel in carb and fuel pump when I took them off, I am assuming I'm getting spark cause I have had it running and on the water already, but I'll check to see if I still am. When it was on water we only let it run at idle, and gave it gas once to test it, and didn't have any issues it ran fine.

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    I am NOT getting spark.

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    after looking through some of these post I noticed that people had spark issues because of faulty ground issues. My ski has a wire(ground im guessing) from bolt on ECU to the bolt on the spark arrestor cover, and I am wondering if this is a jerry rig, and I need to replace ECU or is that normal?

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    This is not normal. The Electrical Box is grounded to the motor through the stator wire. This is a bundle of wires that exits the end of the box and travels to the front of the motor. One of the wires is black, and is the ground. This is a smaller gauge wire 16-18 gauge. The ground that connects the motor to the battery is a heavier gauge 4-6 ga cable bolted to the motor bed plate. If the wire in the bundle travelling to the stator is damaged, you will lose spark. Somebody could have installed a "jumper" from the ebox to the FA cover to try and repair the ground. Need to inspect the stator harness and test the stator by opening the electrical box and putting a multimeter on the leads....

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    Ok I'm pretty sure I'll find my problem there but will get back with results after we test it tonight.
    thanks for the help. This site is full of info that's hard to find anywhere else.

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    so I found a few problems. First of all the stator ground wire sure enough is melted, I cut the harness back and pulled very slightly and it pulled apart and is corroded. second I was still looking through your list and managed to find that a plug wire needed to be trimmed, so I have spark it but it comes and goes and its weak and then strong and keeps repeating. I went a head and tested stator, coils, kill switch all that and it all turned out to be right where it supposed to be. Im going to get the ground replaced ASAP and I will let you know what happens.

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    She's alive!!! You called it, ground wire was burned up, all readings in comp look good so I replaced that ground, runs like a champ thanks for the help

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