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    1998 Kawasaki 900 STX Wiring

    I have an STX 900 that i pulled the motor for rebuild last winter. Now I am moving in two weeks and am trying to put the ski back together. I have the motor back in and am connecting the wires up but can't find where the black wire with the red dot go. It has an eyelet like maybe it goes to the negative battery terminal but it on the main harness in the engine bay. I have the Kawasaki Service Manual but can't find that wire at all on the wiring diagram.

    Does anybody know where to connect this wire?

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    Yes, negative battery terminal.

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    It won't reach all the back up front to the negative terminal. Does it go to the engine ground on the starter?

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    no, not to the engine block, it should go to a bolt on the electric box to ground it. On models with a rear mounted battery, it goes to the negative terminal of the battery

    Since mistakes with this kind of thing can do some damage, a really good idea is to take a lot of pictures before you take apart something for the first time so everything can go back exactly where it belongs.

    That wire ends up on the hot side of the battery now and then, with the expected expensive results.

    At one time you could perhaps find a label where the protection sleeve ends showing the negative battery sign, but those go bye bye pretty quick.

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    Putting it back together in under 6 months would have also helped

    I thought it may have come from the electric box. I knew enough to think it was a ground just couldn't remember exactly where it came from.


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