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Thread: MFD and trim

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    MFD and trim


    New to Polaris ski's. I picked up a used `99 SLX. Haven't put it in the water yet. Wondering about the MFD. I would call it partially responsive...

    Clock works fine.
    If you do a quick test fire, it comes up and correctly shows, oil & gas level along with speed and RPM.
    Button pushing does nothing, though. Except If I try to reset, the clock hour/minute separator (colon which normally blinks) goes solid as though it's ready to react. But not other button pushes do anything.
    Also, hitting the trim button seems to do nothing.

    I've recently dropped in a new battery. Reseated the negative hoping to properly reset the MFD. I've checked the fuses and the look ok. Not sure if I have a dead trim motor, if the MFD is holding me back somehow, or what. Not sure if I should expect it to all come alive after I put it in the lake or not.


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    The trim motor will not work unless the engine is running or the Blige button is held down.

    It sounds like one of the buttons on your MFD is not working.

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    Ah. That makes sense on the trim. Going to put it in the water tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. Thanks much.

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