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    Going on vacation with my skis

    I was wondering what if anything you can do to keep them from being stolen off of the trailer? I have locks so the trailer can't be disconnected from the truck easily. Any thoughts?????

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    go to a local storageplace andpay for a week. Anything can be taken of these things way too easily. Also trailer lock not wrth much unless you weld the nuts to the bolts that hold the ball coupler on the trailer itself. Pop 2 nuts off and pop on your own trailer coupler and your gone in 2 minutes

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    Run these cable locks thru the wheel and around frame of the trailer.

    Never leave the ski's keys, GPS, valuables in the glove box. Park in well light areas and only park in safe areas.

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    If you can always try to park in a way that puts the back of the ski against something non-movable , another car/truck, wall, building. then always keep car/truck in front of trailer/ski. Remember, these skis today weigh in excess of 700lbs in most cases they are not going to just lift it out to easy if it is pinned in. Last thought is have ins. Good Luck

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    What I have done is take a good quality bicycle cable and lock it to the ski, weave the cable through the trailer frame, the run it through the safety chain holders on my truck. I also then use another one to pass between the wheels, wrapping it around the axle a few times. It is not theftproof, but they have to work hard to get it.

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    I plan on taking mine on a road trip later this year, but we will be sleeping in/with our truck so I won't be leaving them anywhere for long. When I had a single ski trailer we had to sleep at a hotel once, all of the parking spots were full so we had to park outside of the hotels lot, in a cul de sac. I was pretty worried, I just had the trailer tongue locked so they couldn't remove that. Luckily nothing was missing, I was thinking I'd at least find the seat stolen or something stupid.

    My suggestions: Get to your hotel/motel/wherever early and claim a good spot. This can be annoying but don't get stuck parking out of view like I did. Most places have limited parking, let alone 5 consecutive unused spots. If you're lucky you'll find a nice pull thru spot. Like others said, lock them to the trailer enough to make it a big annoyance or time consumer to remove them. Parking them next to a wall or other cars you know won't move will help. It would easily take 3-4 strong guys to lift them from the trailer if they are relatively new. Then they'd have to awkwardly step all around and through the trailer, so its just not very realistic. The GPS option is great but expensive. Obviously never unhitch them even with a lock, I'm sure that will seem like "look, he doesnt care that much about his skis and he's clearly not around, lets take them." Lastly, make sure you have insurance for theft and don't let worrying ruin your time.

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    GPS tracker is gold. Steal my skis and I will come get them back........and leave you with a gift . It's that easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    GPS tracker is gold. Steal my skis and I will come get them back........and leave you with a gift . It's that easy.
    My trailer has a sheet metal roof and walls. Your GPS and cell signal will disappear in there. Good luck with that.

    OP, common sense:
    -park somewhere where your Ski isn't easy for thousands of people to see
    -stay out of miami unless you have a nuke or two
    -use a motorcycle disk alarm on your tounge lock or wheel chains
    -stick a digital game camera in a nearby tree, it'll snap a pic of every truck or pedestrian that walks by. Leave a note on your dash so you don't forget it.
    -good insurance

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