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    2002 1100 stx di model stolen and sank

    my jetski was recovered 3/4 sunk in the middle of th elake. We think it was threr about 6 hours when it was found and pulled back to the dock.

    Have done about 6 blow outs of the water form teh engine, flgged bouth the engine and air intake. Have pumped out all the gas as it appears water was in the fuel tank. Have blow and dryed out as much as I could.

    BiG quesrion is the EMM sealed where water can not get int it>?

    I can pi=our can in the air intake and it will start for a few seconds. all th4 digtal dials are working, the started turns over>

    Can not get it to iject fuel...any andditon help appreciated.

    Other thatn finding they guy who this this ,

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    Man, sorry to hear that.

    The electrical stuff is sealed, but not all that well. 6 hours may not be long enough to trash it, but eventually, I'd suggest opening up everything and letting it dry (including the starter motor). Was the display under water? They leak when they get old and the seal needs to be re-sealed. I'd suggest removing it and letting it air dry.

    Of course, the main concern right now is getting it running to get the water out of the engine. I would suggest getting a spray bottle or two and spraying gasoline into the air intakes. You can probably spray/dribble gas into it and get it to run on the hose long enough to prevent major engine damage. Don't forget, only run the water when the engine is running! You'll likely need a helper. Don't forget to check the oil tank for contamination, too.

    If you can't get it running, remove the spark plugs and try to fill the engine with as much oil as you can. This will protect the crank bearings, but it may not get the wrist pin bearings.

    Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

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