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    Overheat after WOT only. I've tried everything. Stumped.

    Hello all.
    I have two skis doing the exact same thing and I'm out of ideas. They are both 2008 gtx 155hp N/A. Both skis can drive all day without overheating. You can drive at WOT forever and no problems but as soon as you got WOT and then slow down they overheat. Code p1116 engine overheat. I changed the headgasket on both, same thing. Changed to a lower temp thermostat, no change. Flushed cooling system. No change. Changed all temp sensors, still same symptoms. When they overheat they DO NOT loose any coolant. It takes maybe 20 seconds for the check engine light to go off and they run fine again until you come down off WOT. OK guys help me solve mystery.

    Thanks for your time

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    Did you use new head bolts?

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    Yes. Brand new oem head bolts following the shop manual stretch procedure.

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    Blown head gasket again, did you check the gasket surface?

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    Surface on head and block looked good on both machines. I didn't have the head milled, perhaps both engines have warped heads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAC View Post
    Surface on head and block looked good on both machines. I didn't have the head milled, perhaps both engines have warped heads?
    You have covered the basics, hope someone with more experience will chime in.

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    Code PO116 is for a faulty head temp sensor...

    Maybe try to swap it with a new one, OR with the exhaust temp switch & see if the alarm switches to exhaust temp hi.
    (they are the same part #)

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    Already replaced both sensors on the head and exhaust. That was the first thing I tried.

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    pull the water line off the water box and let it flow into the hull, put it on the hose and see if it's restricted.

    BTW a new part, especially these days, does NOT guarantee it works. Most everything is made to the cheapest bidder. Try what Psycho said

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    imagine if you will, a hose with a separated interior layer that can flow 5gpm all day long but when you want 6gpm, the "flap" obstructs the passageway and now you're maybe getting 3gpm..and an overheat alarm. The hose will look perfectly normal at a glance, and since access to hoses is kinda limited, you might not be able to detect that easily that the hose is faulty.

    the other thing that crossed my mind is that you might have an air bubble in the heat exchanger. Might want to crack that screw just because the alternatives are just unpleasant

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