hi all new to the forum so take it easy on me.

my 2001 rxdi has been running great never had a problem with it.
was out on her all day yesterday down my local lake.
ran well all day revving happy all the way to 6950 rpm.
later in the day got some pond weed stuck in the intake grate. removed and ski continued to run great.
then a little later after being sat for a hour or so tried to start her but wouldn't fire up.

put lanyard in, get the beeps, can hear fuel pump priming, hit the start button display reads 600 rpm and tries to start for 2 seconds then dies. then maint flashes up with red light.

pull ski out of water on to trailer, she then fired up, managed to flush her out then died when I released the throttle.

tried to restart but no good. 600 rpm again and no more.

today tried to start ski on trailer, fired u first time but if I release throttle she dies straight away. no maint on display or red light now though.

any thoughts or suggestions would be great guys and thanks in advance.