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Thread: 96 xp wont run

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    96 xp wont run

    I picked up a used 96 xp this winter. It starts on the trailer but won't run in the water. It turns over fine but won't start. I did get it to run once but it barely ran and it was making a ton of white smoke. BTW the oil tank has been removed so I am running premix and the chokes were removed and replaced with a primer. The cylinders have good compression.

    Thanks Todd

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    How is the Rotary shaft getting it's lubrication? Did the previous owner just loop the line? and if so, is it mostly full of oil?
    Reason i ask is because the inner crank seals seep that oil into the crankcase when they sit. Put a fresh set of plugs in it and try that..

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    It is looped. It always runs out of the water it just wont run in the water. I will try a fresh set of plugs. If the seals for the rotary shaft are leaking do I need to supply fresh oil to it?

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    I got it to run for a short time in the water with fresh plugs. I couldn't keep it running in the water, as soon as I pulled it out of the water it started right up and ran good on the trailer. any thoughts

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