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    Ordered D Plate and Sensor Any tricks while installing?

    Pretty straight forward or anything I should look for?

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    not really , it's pretty straight forward. riva has instructions on it's website.

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    Hello, found much easier if you remove the battery box and set it off to the side (can hang over the port side of ski wrapped in a towel. Then remove the stinger section of the exhaust. Again if you remove the battery box, you can then un-strap the waterbox. This will allow for easier re-install of stinger section when you are ready to put it all back together again. Removing the exhaust on GP1200 & 1300 is always a PITA (pain in the ass). LOL. Good luck

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    Thank you sir. Should be here weds. I'll update this post when done. Is there any performance benefit? Im doing this as it kept showing overheating sign and turning off. Flashed it codes and showed 53 which i looked up is bad cat.

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