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    Ideas to give my Ultra (160) LX some mph?

    I recently bought a Ultra LX, the one with 160 hp, and it's on the 61-62 mph. What can i do to improve it?

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    There is an excellent sticky on N/A skies. Read it and learn. If ur ski is stock it is unlikely that ur above 60 mph on a gps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos1123 View Post
    I recently bought a Ultra LX, the one with 160 hp, and it's on the 61-62 mph. What can i do to improve it?
    Get a new 310...... Dont think there is a whole lot you can do with that ski.

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    Its a 52-53 mph ski....15f has the same motor and different hull (faster and lighter) and its 61-63 mph ski

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    Ultra LX top speed is 57 on GPS. You can put an R & D plate on and gain 1.5 MPH or so. For the $ though just leave it stock. It is the BEST all-around rec ski made. Most reliable too. There are a couple other mods that help top speed but at the cost of reliability it is simply not worth it.

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    No way you are getting 61-62 on a stock LX.. your speedo must be off.

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