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    WHO wants a Challenge?? GP 760... Mystery problem

    1998 760 my daughter was riding she turned it off to talk to my son on his ski. Then it will not crank back . completely dead good battery. we thought it was ground cable going to motor but that wasn't it . we changed the solenoid and it cranked and ran again until we turned it off. completely dead . put another solenoid on it and it would not crank. we changed cdi and it cranked. Until we turned it off again.... checked ground and battery both are good. completely dead again.. Starting to get expensive. ... Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! ! Thx... Sunshine

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    Check voltage at the solenoid to see if you're giving the coil 12v. Might have a primary voltage issue from starter button switch or even the gauges. Have you tried bypassing the lock code?

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