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    Just bought 2 sparks, problems with one

    Been outta the game for a long time. My first ski was a modified 1998 XP limited that spoiled me terribly. Loved that thing and rode the hell out of it, but Moved north where there was no water and sold it. Tried to buy a 2002 when I moved back to Tennessee, but it was a lemon and got burned on the deal. Well I thought these Sparks might be the ticket. Small, light, and quick - back to basics...FUN. The orange 2 up has been running great, but my wife's 3 up has left her stranded on the lake twice in less than 5 hrs. First problem was voltage issue, of course the battery connections were loose. Now the latest is a high exhaust temp error. Smoke coming out the back and way too hot. What gives? The dealer is a joke. Any suggestions to go back through this thing before we get stuck for a 3rd time. My fear is that these jokers will keep it for 2 months trying to diagnose the problem, and we'll go through this exercise multiple times until the warranty runs out. Then I'm screwed.

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    It will be either junk has clogged one of the water lines to the exhaust or a hose popped off. Did a lot of water come out the bung when you stopped?

    It could be a minor fix.

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    No water at all. I hope it is an easy fix, just not too confident in the dealer's mechanics to fix it. That's how I got burned last time. It seemed that they couldn't diagnose the problem, and it was just trial and error all at my expense. Guys on this forum figured out the issue, long before they did. But when I made suggestions, we got into heated arguments. At least this time it's warranty work for now, but the hassle on a brand new machine like this is super frustrating.

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    does water come out the prop area and exhaust hole when you flush ?? it should

    don't flush more than 2 mins

    try a quick compressed air up the flush line to clear it may work

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