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    R&D R-4 intercooler fitment issues.

    Hi, I have a 2010 FX SHO , my mechanic is installing a R&D R-4 intercooler on my ski and is having fitment issues. He said is hitting the reverse cables or mounting plate? has anyone encountered this? Please help thanks!!

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    I just installed the Y1000 Fizzle on my FX SHO and the reverse bucket cable does get in the way. I disconnected it from the lever temporarily until I had the IC installed correctly and then reinstalled it. It takes some repositioning but it should work afterwards. I know the R4 is a little different but I thought this could help. Good luck.

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    Thank you! I have never heard of anyone having issues ,that's why I checked. Just want to get it sorted out so I can get it on the water. Thanks for the help!

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    Keep an eye on your AFR. I was at 12.5 before installing the Fizzle and now I am in the low 13's at WOT. I also converted to a 160mm setup so that may contribute to it. I am taking it to Jim's next week to have a RRFP and ET LB wheel installed. I figured I would go ahead and change out the wheel while I was at it.

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    I think most of the aftermarket ICs have clearance issues with the steering and/or reverse cables.
    To gain some clearance you can reposition either or both cables by adding a few zip tie tie-down squares to the hull. Swap out out the white self-adhesive foam on the squares with stronger 3M gray, or just use marine epoxy. After you reposition the steering cable you may have to re-center the handle bars.

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    installed type 14 IC with no reverse or steering cable interference.

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    Good point. I had to re-center my handle bars.

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    Thank you all for the feedback! He was able to get it in,but it was a real pain, he had to re-postion the reverse cable mount and bend it. I guess I'll have to monitor my afr's thx!

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