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    1993 sl 750 pump upgrade... Help

    Ok, I picked up a 93 sl750 last year for 150.00 . Runs great, someone had an aftermarket ride plate and had changed the spark arrestors to what looks like the 780 style (I think).
    Ran the ski last year and a couple times so far this year. Jet pump bearings went out. Now I have a buddy that has a SLTX (not sure what year) that has the bigger extended pump with a new impeller and wear ring, I also got the longer drive shaft. now to the questions:

    1. What should I buy a steering cable for so it will be the correct length (I'm thinking a 96 SLX780) ?

    2. The 148mm pump only has 1 hose where as the 146mm had 2 hoses (I think they are for the factory bilge system). Should I add the fitting to the 148 pump and run the extra hose?

    3. If there are any other issues I may run into that anyone knows of please feel free to comment.


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    Hey! I have one of them Pink Joys too! First, before you take it on the water, check out K447's site . As for steering cable, I don't think you need to change that. We 93/92 owners have a smaller pump and change the pump out to a newer larger one. You can always measure lengths. Slap the b*tch on and see how it fits!

    Address your fuel system, do it, do it now! They are a fun ski! Trust me, the headache will be worth it. Also, note from someone WITH a 93 who just got it running thanks to the brains here (K447 and Bluefishchris, I want to give a shot out to them!) add a fuel water seperater, mine is from a SLX, it's worth it! Now, everyone here will say go with a triple outlet fuelpump, I did not. I went with a pentagon DL65-72, it has more flow than the TO one. Check the in tank lines, mine rotted off and made a HUGE headache for me, but learn from my dumbass, take the oil tank out first if you need to pull the gas tank.

    Post back!

    Would love to see another 93 Pink Polaris on here!

    And as always,


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    Pump is now bolted up to check everything, steering cable is 4" too short, so Ive got to find one or make an extension.

    Is this setup going to be much better the the stock 146mm pump, or should I try to find the short 148mm ?

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    Well, worked on ski all week, Extended pump is in place, new triple pump installed, new longer steering cable installed, heading to the lake this afternoon to test it out!!! Hopefully everything goes well!!

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    Well, tried ski last weekend , jumped out of the water pretty quickly . I was semi pleased , but noticed it kept taking on water. Checked everything over and figured out I had a blown base gasket, not good.
    So I checked compression on the cylinders before tearing it down, I had 150,150,125 . Front two sounded high from what stock should be , tore it down, glad to find wiseco pistons with very little wear, ��, replaced all gaskets on the bad cylinder and got it back together today . now I have 150 on all three and the piston size makes my 750 a 783��
    So back to the lake this weekend and try it again.
    slx pump and good running engine.

    Just ordered the parts so I can hook up the trim with the extended pump, should help also, I hope.

    just giving an update ........

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    sltx prop is gonna be to much pitch, you need one that should turn around 6600 to 6700 rpm,

    I got a 750 148 prop i'd let go cheap.

    is the stator you have a 6 vane?
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    Attachment 363500This is the ski the jet pump came from, guy couldn't find vin plate to tell me what year it was and couldn't remember the color of the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjenkins View Post
    Attachment 363500This is the ski the jet pump came from, guy couldn't find vin plate to tell me what year it was and couldn't remember the color of the engine.
    Attachment did not work.

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    150 psi seems high for a 750, even overbored. With the correct prop that motor should turn around 6200 - 6300 RPM. Stock is an 5131079. 5131035 will also work, as will a Skat 13/18.

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