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    In your opinion, who made the best reflashes for 310?

    Im thinking on making a reflash on my 310R, but people have told me that the R&D its not the best option 'cause of the limiter. What do you guys think?

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    I can only speak on my experience with the K-Speed reflash:

    It does exactly what I wanted. No speed limiter, no traction control, and able to hold it wot for as long as I want.
    I race Enduro, short course and rec ride my ski so it see's all types of use. This also includes being a tugboat quite often:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you say "best reflash" you have to also ask "a safe reflash" as timing on a reflash might be too advance that might require race fuel and better valve springs and retainers or detonation can occur as our ski runs a very hot combustion.Is R&D the best reflash is K Speed or VTECH better performing and safer?

    Ive only have tried R&D on two skis and have heard good things about K Speed and VTECH though Torx Racing has made the Ultra go 78+ with a few upgrade internals for Drag Racing but was it long term reliable,what fuel was required?

    Have two skis by R&D with about 80 hrs on reflashes with greater acceleration with no mechanical issues ,Bill Chapin partner at R&D is recognized as a top tuner and pioneer in modifications on all skis so I trust that You get what you pay for in performance and engine safety ..

    But why R&D would say with the Reflash you would not need a SCOM I just don't understand as I still need mine but I'm speaking for a ultra 300..

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    What's the point of reflashing the ECU and not removing the speed limiter function? I can understand keeping traction control for longevity, but the speed limiter makes no sense.

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    Because Glen at R&D is not smart enough to figure out the ECU and remove the limiter. Brisbane has it figured out. Glen should sell his reflashes for $100 until he figures it out!

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    I can't believe Green Hulk pushes the R&D reflash on these Kawasaki's. Must make a killing selling them.

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