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    780 GTX Coming Out Of Storage from 2 Years

    So looong story short I have a 97 sea doo gtx that is on its 3rd engine and after the last engine it was put into storage for winter but we did not take it out last summer. I am launching it this weekend and wanted to see if there is anything I need to replace or check before hand since it sat an entire additional year. I will also mention that we are running pre-mix with a block off plate as the last motor was destroyed from a failed pump.

    Things I have ready to install

    -Fresh spark plugs
    NGK: BR8ES

    -Battery>Same battery but I had it on a trickle charger the entire time so I am hoping its still fine

    -Fresh gas.93 octane & Sea Doo oil
    Will mix at 40:1 ratio

    -Pump Oil - Do I need to replace this oil again? Technically before I winterized it last time I had installed fresh oil so its just been sitting

    Is there anything I need to grease?
    Should I put some oil anywhere to help lubricate it before I crank it over? I plan to just slowly crank her over since it hasnt ran in a while to avoid any non-lubrication at start up

    Thanks for the help. I am not a mechanic but try to work on these myself when I can. Before winterizing 2 years ago I installed fresh water pump oil, put oil into spark plug area, added anti-freeze to the necessary areas & added fuel stabilizer. I believe that was about it. The last engine we installed was used but ran fine the last part of the summer. Carb's were rebuilt then as well. Oh I also replaced the fuel lines back then as well, the factory grey lines were falling apart "literally".


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    putting this above the other thread as I only bumped that to add info for future readers

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