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    Question 2008 RXT-X Intercooler change: Fizzle vs OEM?


    My intercooler on my RXT-X 255 about to die, and I am looking to buy a new one. So I searched what would be the best for the ski and I found that the OEM is 669$ while the Fizzle F1000 with its pipes and stuff worth 599$!

    Would you recommend me to buy Fizzle's upgrade kit? does I need the pipes and all the stuff or the stock pipes do the job?


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    I highly recommend any Fizzle intercooler and especially the F1000. James provides a great product and more importantly great service.

    I personally would never never consider buying another OEM which you know is a matter of time before it leaks again but for the cheaper cost you are not only spending less but recieving a product that is a lot more efficient.

    As as far as piping for your ski I am not too sure myself however I would advise to just pay the few extra dollars HD get the t clamps, couplers, and new piping it will be well worth it.

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    I have bought new inlet and outlet hoses a couple of weeks ago that the main reason I've asked if they are enough for the F1000...
    and you are right its only few more dollars.

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