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Thread: 951 ???????

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    951 ???????

    so i have a 951 carb engine and a nother one i bought that i thought was a carb engine but find out its a di engine can i use the di engine with carbs somebody scammed me bottom ednd good on di engine top end shot if yes what do i have to do and if not why

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    nope, nothing alike, even though they look the same

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    well will it work with carbs or what can i do may be change mine to di what is invovled

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    They are completely different as he stated. A DI will not work with carbs and the DI bottom end will not work with a carb setup up. I would try and get your money back....

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    di engines with unbroken cases _should_ have a pretty good resale value.

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    well im new to all this were can i sell or trade i just want a motor to put back into my millenium had my 15 minutes of glory then bang blew the bottom end apart paid five grand for it last year 2000 gtx with carb 951

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    oh by the way thanks but i still dont understand why it wont work could somebody explain please i dont no were to look to read about the differences be very much appreciated

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    The DI is actually a 3 cylinder motor, the cylinder head is different and there are more transfer ports in a set of DI cylinders. Being that the DI is fuel injected, there is no way to mount carbs without changing the mounts and changing all the electronics. Also, you would have to get rid of the fuel pump which means that you would have to change the fuel tank.

    These are just some of the big hurdles in trying to make it work....

    Hope this makes it easier to understand why it wont work....

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    I got the motor not noing was di but putting into my carbed seadoo where can i find more info on what ihave to do with oil lines and i wouldnt cxall the air compressor a cylinder sorry im frustrated i have the two siting side by side identical parts except for air pump

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