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    Exclamation 2006 RXT Purchase

    I own a 2002 GTX-DI and this machine has been solid with very minor problems with approx 140 hours on it. I am presently looking at purchasing another ski along with a couple friends who also want a ski in the $5,000-$6,000 range. I have (3) skis i am presently considering (2) 2006 RXT's 215 hp and (1) 2009 GTX 155 hp. The (2) RXT's have 8 hrs and 68 hours, the 2009 GTX has 75 hours.

    I want the faster ski and the one with 8 hours is nearly new but I am afraid of problems with the super chargers, especially in the 2006 models. The 68 hour RTX I would assume to need to be smart and rebuild SC right away, since it never has been rebuilt but the one with 8 hours, does it need to be rebuilt simply because it has sat there and the bearings have therefore not been lubricated? The GTX is in really good shape except for some corrosion on the jet pump discharge nozzle, but I assume the non super charged ski is a solid motor and ski.

    I would appreciate any thoughts as to what to get and what to avoid. Also recommendations on the rebuild of both RXT's.

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    My 2c would be to go 07 and up . Unless you're getting a killer deal . Pref a 08 255

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    I would definitely rebuild both RXT SC simply because of age.
    It's also nice to know where you stand with them. Why only 8 hrs on the one?
    Hopefully none of the valve stems rusted while it has been stored. When you start it and run it, baby it for a while. Maybe even pull the plugs and injectors, spray some lube into the openings and let it sit overnight.
    Good luck and nice find. Hope you get them at a good price.

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