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Thread: More Power?

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    More Power?

    Is anybody doing something that isn't race influenced in terms of going bigger and badder but worrying about restrictions??

    Give me more and don't worry about the classifications for racing.

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    As soon as I get mine broke in I will be open to anything(that won't void my warranty)! Hopefully Saturday I can get some baseline speeds and go from there. I already have a few mods in a holding pattern until I get a few hours on it. If I can figure out how to hook up the Vericom to it without getting it wet I will have some 0-60 times to post also. I hope to seperate the hype from real results. I'm not a big fan of "it feels faster".

    I also don't believe that the bottom end is at the limit already. I have never seen any production vehicle that was at it's absolute limits from the factory! Only time will tell.

    Lets the mods begin. My goal is 80 mph by the end of the season...

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    Hello , I'm a new guy here, I just bought my 250 Ultra. I was told that the coast guard sets a limit on top speeds of PWCs so that they can get Coast guard approved, I was told that there is a governor on this ski that limits it to 68 MPH & all you have to do is bypass it,,,,, Does anyone know if this is true?????????? It all sounds so simple to me , (as I know the GSXR 1000 has the same thing in it,& all it took was a 65 OHM resistor in the right place to get another 1000 rpm.)

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    I can't wait to see how you seperate all the water out that which that mod will bring in!!!! It looks cool though....


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