Hey guys,

My name is Marcus, I'm from Germany and I own a 2012 RXP X 260.
I bought this all new back in 2012.
It has 98 hours on it, all fresh water.
Everything is stock.
The annual service as well as the supercharger service has been done by my dealer last week.
About two weeks ago on my last ride and before the service I had this problem the first time : if you hit about 4500 rpm engine control light switches on as well as it says : check engine functions.
I hope this translation is cirrcorrcause the ski is aetset German language.
It does not display any error codes.
If you stop the motor and start it again no error is shown.
If you pull to wot it reaches maximum rpm until it's reduced to around 6800 and engine control on again.

Told the guys at the shop before service.
They said they couldn't find anything.
Except the battery, it would be a bit weak.
Everything else should be fine again.

But unfortunately it's not.
Same thing today.

Engine control as well as "check engine functions"

I have to go there again...
But maybe one of you has any idea