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    FX SVHO batteries? does it make a difference?

    Hey guys i plan on making a trip out to nebraska tomorrow night, got my ski ready to go but the battery had failed a load test, it starts up dry dock but never tried it in the water yet this year, since i'll be in nebraska i was thinking of buying a new battery so i dont get stuck out there in case it decides to die on me. I see batteries ranging from 65 to 200 dollars, does it really matter which one i buy? can anyone suggest a good battery where i can buy locally? I got a batteries plus and walmart/ sears and stuff round me, i live in denver.


    its for a 2014 FX SVHO

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    Depends on how often you ride. Unless you have friends that ride with you, I'd get a good battery like a AGM. Also connecting a Battery Tender between rides doesn't hurt.

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    DEKA ETX 16L 325 CCA's

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    any battery with the unique deka terminals are made in the USA. Batteries plus has their own oem version of it.

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