What makes a good rumor is its likelihood of actually being real, the surrounding facts backing up the claim, and the source. Today’s edition of “Vicious Rumors and Vile Gossip” has two out of three of these locked in, so we’re sure to trigger the “BS meter” in a few of you reading this. And we’re OK with that because for every couple of stinkers, we hit one right out of the park.

This is not the first time you’ve heard us espouse the possibility of a 4-stroke standup. In fact, we pushed the idea so hard that Kawasaki told us to stop. And, when opportunity arises, we happily report on a new hand-built projects whenever we get the chance (like HERE and HERE). Heck, it was even our April Fool’s joke this year. It’s not that we have an agenda, it’s just that we know the technology (and demand) is there.

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