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    All Riders Look Out Please Read

    All riders beware the NJ state police are hot on us. Thay say that we are a pane in the A$$. Thay are looking for anything to pull us over ,to fast in slow no wake,200ft of land, to close to other boats, jumping wakes,make sure your ski is legal and so are you. Not sure for the other states, i know for a fact that NEW JERSEY ( barnegat bay ) is enforcing hardcore.AND DRUNK BOATING (DUI) I got the info for my friend who is a NJ state police Trooper!!!!!!!!!! BE SAFE. JUST LOOKING OUT FOR ALL OF US!

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    very good warning, amazing a few of us (PWC owners) can bother so many...........

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    the DNR are really bad in my area they have got me with 2 minor cuncuptions, all was mt friends fault going to fast to close to shore A-hole lol

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    ya there pretty strick around here 2

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    Here in Iowa at a certain Resevoir the damn @ssholes will stop you for no reason at all just to harrass us. No matter what, we are ALWAYS doing something "illegal"

    I think the big problem here is that the newer DNR recruits and other officers doing interns can start out doin boat patrol. No seasoned officers want to do it cause the hours in the summer, so the noojacks get in with a huge ego trip.

    The good part for us though, is that they won't follow us up past the shallow bouys and upstream on the river. We spend most our time riding in that area, so we have a way out if we choose.

    All they see of me is a 50ft roost screaming up river

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    I got pulled over a couple of time last year, just because they wanted to see the General up close. They were very cool to talk too. It might just be because the like the "dukes" or thought I was the biggest redneck around!!!

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