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    Broken Riva valve RXT-X...what happened?

    Ugh, Iím back again, Iíll spare you with my history with this ski. The short is that a valve dropped last year, and I had the valve train upgraded with Riva, Sea Doo dealership performed the repairs. The head was damaged, but Sea Doo recommended to have it machined. I rode 2 hours last Fall, and 2 hours this Spring when the intake valve broke at the stem. The day consisted mostly of cruising rpmís, and then 15 minutes of wide open. Thatís when the valve broke, rpmís never exceeded 8100.
    Upgrades: vetch 8375, 4 inch air intake, Fizzle intercooler.
    The ski is under warranty, but Sea Doo wonít fix it because they claim itís a valve issue not an engine issue.
    Riva says the valves are designed to bend not break. My guess is that the valve got stuck in the head and the piston struck the valve.
    Iím going to try one more time with Sea Doo, any thoughts on why this would happen, should I have the head inspected, or cut my losses? I was only trying to be proactive and so I paid out of pocket to upgrade my valve train. Iím willing to accept some responsibility for this, but I feel that Sea Doo, and the dealership should accept some also. I shouldíve known I was at risk of losing my warranty, but the Dealership never mentioned it either.
    Iíve already moved on, and purchased a new Kawasaki 310 ultra, but I good use some suggestion on what to do with the ski. Iím going back to Sea Doo, but Iím not expecting anything.
    2011 RXT-X 260, 2013 engine
    Upgraded, supercharger, Fizzle intercooler.
    My options are to: Have the dealership fix it, at $3500, for valves, piston, timing chain, bearings, head. The block is fine.
    Fix it myself, for around $1500, assuming I donít find any other damage. I really donít have the time for thisÖ
    Sell as is forÖÖ.$4000????
    Piece it out, selling the parts.
    Any thoughts, on what happened, and what to do?

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    what kind of damage initially happened with the ski? how bad was the head? the only way the valve is going to break is if it had gotten seized in the guide and hit the piston. The valves are 1pc valves, and they don't break like 2pc valves.

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    I agree with the valve seizing up, but how do I convince Sea Doo of this? The head had some damaged to it, they sent it out to get the face resurfaced, small amount of damage to the piston a couple .001's

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    What would cause a valve to seize?

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    For $3500 you could have a new engine. And uses that one to tie the dog on.

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    Please, don't say "it's under warranty" cause its not, your running a custom intake, tune and intercooler, you have no SEADOO warranty on the engine with those mods.
    Heck, the valves are not even seadoo, and it broke.
    Sadly, it just broke, but unless you find what caused it, it could do it again.
    Now , if the Dealer gave you a warranty on their work, that's different and has nothing to do with SeaDoo or Riva, just you and the dealer service department.
    Good luck, keep us posted on what is found. Could be a defective valve and it failed, just bad luck.

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    Since you already moved on, I'd dump the ski at this point. Loose the headache

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    Where are you located in NC? I would be interested in buying the ski as-is if you arent too far away.

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