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    Arrow Why we do this, a thank you message

    I have been mostly offline here for the last week or so, just logged in this morning to find a 'thank you' message in my private messages inbox.

    The following is from a new member, with zero public posts. Sometimes we forget that in addition to the logged in and active Greenhulk user accounts, there are many other people who see these public forums and can act on the information they find here.

    Quote Originally Posted by a new member

    New member...been lurking around for a year or so.

    Just wanted to tell you what an amazing wealth of knowledge you guys put out there and say thanks!

    Buddy gave me a xxxx SL750 that has sat in a field for 14 years. Holed #1. yy hours.

    Thanks predominately to you guys [it is now] running like new. I used (everything) in your posts. Everything! Runs like new.

    Working on the Ocean Pro plate and R&D grate right now to try to tame Flipper.

    You guys are amazing.

    While we often help each other within these forums, there is a ripple effect whereby we are also helping a larger audience.

    I want to take this moment to thank all the active members for contributing to these forums, especially the very active Polaris watercraft enthusiast community. The calibre of member posts and threads within the Polaris sections compares very well with the other brand centric forums.

    Thank you to everyone who contributes, and to those who have contributed in the past. Kudos

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    Yes, thank you indeed! If it wasn't for this great Polaris community, I probably would have purchased a different machine. However, the knowledge in this community and K447's website make me feel confident that I can fix any issue that may arise in the near future. I did not have that confidence in other PWC communities!

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    Yes, got a similar PM too.

    It's just how this forum is. Pay it forward if/when you can

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    I would like to extend my thanks also. I joined a year ago and have logged onto this site almost everyday since. It has provided me with knowledge that i would not have received anywhere. Also, It has giving me the background to purchase my fleet at a substantial reduced price knowing that all the Polaris Group would assist. I believe I have even made a few friends and look forward to riding with some. I thank all of the Polaris Group for giving of your time to selflessly help us novices.

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    K447, there ya are! I thought it was strange you we're quite with a few new people asking about their skis! I, of coursed linked your site. But I think I called you K477, but I linked them to the proper sections. I've used your site and thanks to it, my 750 is up-ish.

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    amazing what can be found with the search function lol

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    I absolutely agree 100%! You guys are awesome! I recently joined too, and while I haven't posted much I have been reading these threads every chance I get. The volume of information and help is phenomenal!! I feel I have a much better understanding of how these skis work. I almost regret leaving my ski to be fixed by the local guy...I still don't have it back.... I think that after reading several of these posts, that I probably would have been able to get it "tuned up", and would have been able to ask questions if I ran into any difficulties.

    Once again, thank you all for your willingness to share your knowledge and help keep this fun skis visible on the water!!

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    google polaris and you get greenhulk polaris.the best info site ever

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    I to have had a few PMs along this line with the msx four strokes. For many people, this is there only source for polaris info and help as many shops want nothing to do with a polaris watercraft. I get comments almost every time I go out about my MSX 150 and how old and the amazement that it still runs...

    All thanks to the hulk!

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    ""Thanks ""man that's a understatement without you guys polaris water sports would not be bottom line !

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