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    Real Review: SeaSpecs Stealth Black Sunglasses

    We’ve caught our share of grief from some eagle-eyed commenters who after posting one too many watercraft reviews noticed we regularly wear the same pair of worn out Arnett Catfishes. Yup, they might be a little outdated, but they’ve been the best sunglasses that we’ve owned (and by “best” we mean the only ones that we haven’t lost while riding). It’s not that we’re biased at all, it’s just finding a pair of sunglasses that rest comfortably and won’t fly off is incredibly hard to do.

    That is, until last March when The Watercraft Journal was invited to moderate the Watercraft Superstore Skyway Ski Show. As part of our goodie bag were a new pair of Stealth Black SeaSpecs. Featuring gray polarized lenses, lightweight black frames and adjustable secure strap, the SeaSpecs came very highly recommended by the WCSS staff. My day with my Stealth SeaSpecs was unfortunately cut short as their desirability was clearly too much for some sticky-fingered bystander to resist, and my pair vanished.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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