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    Cool VXR 2013 Muffler removal so can inspect Ride plate Bolts etc for water leak

    Hi Guys

    Can you please give me some advice on pulling out the Muffler to a point that I can get to all the Hull Penetrations to look for this Leak. Is it a big job or just loosing all the Clamps yeh. It has the replacement 90 degree Syphon Valve on the Scavenger pipe. It is all right to tighten the Ride plate bolts so not to damage the treads. I thought that I might park it's bum in the Water at the Ramp to try & find this leak then seal around the leak from inside the Watercraft.

    I want a dry Watercraft like my old FX 140 That I did 460 hrs on.

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    Exhaust is strait forward removal. Few hose clamps and you can get the big rubber baffles out. How much water are you talking? I usually have a quart or so in my hull after a day of riding.

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    Hi & thanks for your reply. Look it,s not a lot of water about Quart / 2 litres . it just a pain to mop out . It,s Winter here in New Zealand & i have just brought this beast so want to get it as dry as possible .

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