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    New Maptune first-time user. Is the regristration now a full automated procedure?

    Today first ride after winter and all the mods - bone stock ecu.
    I see AFRīs (Inovate LC2) from 14,1 to 15,4 - no less - nothing under 14.
    Time for unpacking my Maptuner today.

    The installation is a little tricky.
    I think I make the misstake, that I check the box "run as Administrator" first at all.
    After I un-check this - I can start the program - I am not shure this was the fault.
    I am running my PC as a Administrator anyway.
    And the installation procedure do not create a desktop icon.

    Also the first-time-user instruction manual say nothing that I have to push the "ok" button
    after the first connect to the ODB when the Maptuner ask me for some Request?
    and also not say, that I can remove the Maptuner from ODB/ski.
    It sounds stupid - now - after I know what to do - but for a first-time-user they should ad this information
    in the instructions manual. But I made it

    So I register a new user - receive my passwort via email - and everything going as usual.
    Request Software bring the following picture.
    I see only a few files - not what I expected.
    Is the Maptun procedure now with the new server (Maptune 2.0.47) a fully automated procedure?
    I send Jonathan a mail already that I am searching for more rec files - less timing - more fuel

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	filesfirsttimeuser.jpg 
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    P.S. I have Maptuner V10.80 and Hardware 1.1

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    what is wrong with those
    36* timing is about max for pump fuel
    just use the maptuner program to see/change the timing

    also the software is not real user friendly
    in the maptuner program

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    step by step Chris - itīs my first time with Maptune today.
    I think I can live with it for the next few dayīs.
    Here in my hometown I usually drive 102 Oct (ROZ) - so no problem at all with 36.
    And 8375 should be fine also.
    But I read bevor in other threads, there are more rec tunes available now.
    For my vacation in August, i need 32 timing or less,- there are at most bad pump fuel in Croatia.

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    Today Jonathan tell me, that my stock software is different than usually.
    This is the reason, that I not see all files after the automated process.
    He load up some files for me manually.
    Thanks a lot to Jonathan for quick response.

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