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    Ultra 150 fine on hose but not in water?

    Hey Guys

    My friend has an ultra 150 that he bought in a bit of a sorry state, a friend has stripped the engine down and re buit the carbs and replaced things like corroded bolts and fixings, the ski engine itself runs sweet, idles and revs well.

    His problem - Run on the hose and everything is running fine, water comes out all the outlets and runs nice and cool. Put it in the water and just a trickle from the pisser and the water is hot, after 2 mins heat warning on the dash...

    Any ideas?

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    Should've posted over in the Kawasaki 2stroke section. I have one and had the same issues. The 3 brass fittings coming out of each of the heads have a 90degree bend where the water flows out and trash can easily get stuck in there and clog it up. What I would try first is to pull the 3 hoses off the head and get another hose.... attach one side to the head and then with the other side in your hand and a waterhose, turn the waterhose to a jet setting and spray water into the new hose you just installed. That will force water back the other way through the cylinder and should clean out the 90 degree fitting. That worked for me and when I put it back in the water, with all 3 hoses removed from the head the engine was spraying water out off all 3 fittings. A few months ago it happend to me and I ended up taking off the water distribution log thats on the backside of the cylinders and blew water through there out the pump through the main water pickup line just to make sure it was clear. Hope that helps.

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    Ah i'll move it - thanks for the great advice i'll relay the info!

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