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    Who has Digi Wrench near Chicago

    Hi, I have 2 04 MSX 150's and one of them has a flashing check engine light and I need someone who has DW for Bosch ECU's to pull a code. The issue started after one would not start after winter storage, it needed an IFB which I have on order from Randy at Weber, I took the IFB from my other one and it starts and runs fine but the check engine light is on. I tried disconnecting battery to clear light, also the ETB sweep and light still on, starts and runs fine but RPM's are limited

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    Good luck. While most Polaris dealers still have DW... they all seem to have long ago gotten rid of their PWC connector cables and adapters... since they were no longer servicing them. If you had your own connector cable and MSX adapter... you could take them in and probably convince a dealer just to hook it up and read the codes for you.

    What RPMs is the ski being limited to? That can point to pretty specific issues. And having a 2nd ski is nice... to be able to swap parts to pinpoint the exact problem.


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    i know a guy nead fort wayne in.

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    I will drive it tonight to confirm the exact RPM's the lack of acceleration happens and then work from there.

    785lugs I will PM you if I can't find anyone closer

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