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    looking at cooling system on my Virage 800

    Does the water hose from the "T" fitting, go to the left side of EMM water port? Cut hose there when removing from EMM, replacing both hoses. But until EMM gets here, I'm dead in the water, starting to wonder how long DFI will take to repair? Been 3 weeks since I've sent it to them.

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    *I* won't use DFI anymore.
    The guy who started and ran DFI sold the company off. No telling who is running it now, or if they even know what they are doing.
    The previous owner started a new company - Marine Computer Repair ( I used them last year, and I had my EMM back and working in under a week.

    Cooling hose doesn't matter. There is just a pipe running through the middle of it. Hook the hose up on either side and you will be fine. It just needs to have water flowing through it, direction does not matter.

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    Thanks Unity, going to call DFI now, squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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