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    New to the group. W/ a 750cc in an aluminum boat

    Greetings ya'll,
    I recently purchased a 14' aluminum shallow V fishing boat the other day. The main reason I bought it was for the Polaris 750cc jet ski power train that was stuffed in it. As I do not have any experience with jet skis, I figured I'd join the group as I'm sure I'll have questions. If anyone knows of any good threads pertaining to one of these sort of conversions, please let me know.

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    Welcome! You're in the right place for any and all help on your Polaris 750.

    Here are some other threads I found in a quick search that put these engines in small boats

    And check out the Polaris PWC Knowledge site for tons of info you need to know about your 750.


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    Awesome, great links. Thank you

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    Hi NOS - This other forum may be informative to you. Sorry GH guys . . .

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    Thank you jonjet

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
    Hi NOS - This other forum may be informative to you. Sorry GH guys . . .
    For general jet boat issues that might be the place to go. For Polaris specific information, especially the FUJI 750, I'd argue GH is THE place to get the best information.

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    Yes, GH is the best source of engine & pump info. I refer readers from other forums to here for that purpose.

    As far as integrating the jet ski hull & controls into the jon boat, there is some valuable experience over at the other site.

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