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    6300 rpm 2005 rxt strange squeal from rear engine compartment

    Hi guys I'm new posting so I will do my best to explain. I bought a pair of his and hers 2005 rxts last year cheap. Put a new engine in one. But the other one ran. Just not as fast as it shoul. No codes come up and it seems louder in general than my wife's ski that runs 7900 rpms and 72mph. To my 6300 rpms and 40 mph. We didn't ride it but one time last year. And not for long. I knew it should run faster than that after all I had read on here before buying them. So replaced the engine on the other one and rode it all last year saving this one for a preseason project. I have checked compression just as instinct having worked on all sorts of things but all cylinders were the same. When started and throttled up the SC hose expands. Oh. Before I ran either ski at all last year I replaced the SC washers on both. thanks to all the advice on here about those. Put Riva in. But ones I took out looked exactly the same. Oil level is between the 2 bends on the stick. So can anyone help me please? I want to ride mine not hers.

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    Have you pulled the jet pump and checked it out? Maybe jet pump bearings? Assuming the slip was set correctly on the SC...

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