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    Better to buy older low hour or newer high hour ski?

    I am looking at two Waverunners that are about the same price.
    - 2002 FX140 with 180 hours - has some scrapes, small tear in main seat cushion at front corner, tears in cover, beaching scuffs on the bottom. Current owner bought from a dealer 2 years ago.
    - 2007 VX Deluxe with 650hours. - I haven't inspected this one yet. It us suppose to be in good condition. Current owner has had for 3 years.

    Both are on the same brand trailer.

    What do you think these are worth? KBB and NADA don't factor in hours.

    I bought my first PWC (97 Seadoo GSi currently with 70 hours) 8 years ago with about 50 hours on it and its been trouble free for the most part. I just don't want to get a big repair expense with one of these.

    As you can see the Seadoo hasn't gotten much time on it since I've owned it. I'm hoping with a second ski we'll get out more often and longer. Well, and we only have about 3 usable months in this area. I'm thinking jetskiing is like snowmobiling - going out by yourself just isn't that interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RudeJoe View Post
    The VX was likely a rental. Without seeing them in person I would choose the FX140.

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    The FX140 is a better ride and a faster ski. It's a no-brainer, especially with almost 500 fewer hours. Both motors are very reliable and durable, but that's a huge difference in wear-and-tear.

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    i bourght a vx with 850hrs on it, floged the hell out of it, (you need to just to get anywere) put about another 50 on it and sold it, and its still getting floged today, very reliable,

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    Thanks for the input! I'll let you know what I end up with.

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