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    2009 FX SHO Impeller recommendations

    I have a 2009 Yamaha FX-SHO Cruiser and have the following mods:

    R&D ribbon delete
    R&D Intercooler plate
    R&D Anti-cavitation cone
    RIVA Power Filter
    RIVA Sponsons

    I have been told that I need to upgrade my impeller since I am prob on the limiter. I also know I need to get it over to Jim to have it tweaked, but I am not sure which one to go with? I saw a Solas Dynafly 13/22R. Is that the one you would go with or are the skat Trak ones a better option?

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    I've tested both props at that pitch. The Skat will provide better hole shot and the Solas will provide a hair more on top end. IMO, I like the Skat better.

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    What pitch Skat would you go with? There are several options. 13/21, 13/22, 13/23, 13/24. Thanks. I am still trying to learn about these ski's..

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    I have a Solas 13/22R with less than 15 hours on it and a Skat 14/22 which you can get re-pitched to 13/22. I bought the Skat from another board member but never installed. I decided to go to a 160mm setup. Both props are in excellent shape. PM if you are interested.

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    re pitch stock prop with those mods.

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    You can repitch the stock prop or go aftermarket. With my stage 1 FZR I use a skat 13/20 and love it.

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