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    2001gp800r crankshafts

    Brothers and seestas,
    Jeffrey here from upper michigan..recently blew the rod needle bearing on my number one rod on the crank of my gp800r 2001 yamaha waverunner. Ive got a great crewchief/ mechanic to fiv the problem..but my question a new crank and rod assembly...or...a new rebult s.b.t engine..or...upgrade..find a crashed gp1200r and put the engine in the 800 hull??? Many options..anybody been down this road??

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    The engine mount bolt holes are in different locations between the 800 and the 1200 hulls. If youve had bearing problems now, get used to it, they may fail again quickly going with a cheap rebuilder. Some of these "budget rebuilders" use parts (especially bearings) of unknown quality and below OEM hardness standards even though their Chinese manufacturers tell them thats not true. Being that they are just rebuilders and not manufacturers, they have no way to easily test what they're getting. Your best bet is OEM or crankworks using US or Japanese bearings of proper standards. Remember, a 2 stroke makes as much power as a boosted 4 stroke of equal displacement. I wouldnt trust anything of questionable durability. My vote is to have your "crew chief" install a quality crank.

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