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    Kawasaki Ultra 250x Engine damage

    Hello everyone. I have a Kawasaki Ultra 250x 2007 with engine damage . I 'm from Germany and translate that with Goolge . crankshaft , lower case , rods , a piston and cylinder destroyed . two valves bent.why occur these engine failures in the model so often ?where can I get cheap ago Parts ?what parts and what I need to change to get the damage will not resist .We are sorry for the bad english .Mathias

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    Sorry to hear of your bad luck. With that much damage, a second hand engine is advisable if you can find one.
    It sounds like it started with a broken rod, and the rest is a result of that.

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    it started in your jet pump !!!!!!!!

    upgrade the jetpump to 310 series shaft and bearing setup


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    Buy a 310

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    Hey thanks for the info.
    I stop the engine failure only by the update on the stock and the jet pump wave of 2011?

    Or there are other problems such as pistons or connecting rods? Valve springs? Oil cooling?

    Which oil would you take? 10W40 according to Kawasaki I find inappropriate. in my Tubofahrzeugen I've always driven a 10W60 because the oil temperature is not entirely irrelevant.

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    10w40 is fine, no other failures all internals are good.

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