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    96 slx 780 bogging around 3800-4000

    ok. going to try to cover everything here that i can, i've done about as much research as i could do. lol this is my last resort.

    Problem: ski runs fine on the trailer. fires up every time. but on the water, it seems to max out at around 3800 rpm. and it doesn't take off immediately, it takes time to "catch up", as if the drive train is slipping somewhere? the only time it goes above 4k rpm is when the intake lifts out of the water and it takes off. and once it starts going it's fine. but as i go into a turn and it slows down, it's like starting over again.

    i've gone through the entire fuel system in the ski, replaced all the fuel lines, rebuilt the carbs with genuine parts, tested pop off pressure at 20-21psi across all three carbs, needle/ seat aren't leaking. has a brand new battery. all the plugs were brand new when tested and are "spot on" with the fuel mixture.

    compression is 120 psi on all three cylinders.

    only thing i don't have is a check valve on the fuel tank. (i've read that they don't require pressure to run properly anyway) has a working MFD that isn't throwing codes, i've disconnected the gray wire as well that supposed to do away with the rev limiter..?

    carb high speed screws is set to M=1 1/8 C=7/8 P=1 1/4

    Only possible thing i can think of is something in the drive train is not catching? but i wouldn't think that would affect the problem i'm having with it revving.

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    Did you buy it behaving like this or have you had it and it used to be fine and now it's not?

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    I got it like this. It didn't run for 10 years before i got it..

    Im going to take the jet pump out today for inspection.. i wamna say it's cavitating really bad.. and that's why it's not taking off like it should.

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