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    02 GTX 4TEC only hitting 5200 rpm?

    When I put my ski up last summer everything was fine. I decided to change the oil a month or two ago and sucked out all I could. I refilled it to where it was halfway up the dipstick when level. I ran it for a couple minutes out of the water and checked oil level again and all seemed fine. Took it to the lake today and when I took off, I got an OIL message on the display and it decided to only hit ~5200 rpms and would get up to that slower than usual. I am using the normal key. Last season when I got it out for the first time, I got the same OIL message and read where one of the oil sensors could be going bad. It went away after riding for a minute and never gave another problem. When I checked the oil level when I got it home today, it is a little bit over halfway up the dipstick. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? The only code is the P1517 dealing with the compass. Thanks in advance!

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    You have the candoo. If not get one and turn that compass off, and it looks like I might have to replace a few oil sensors. Greenbullet, might be sending me some pic on what ones soon.

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    Well, I noticed a miss in the engine today with the ski out of the water and the seat off. I pulled the spark plugs and 1 and 3 were covered in oil. Soo, looks like I'm pulling the engine again... Just rebuilt it maybe 15 hours ago.

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