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    97 sl 900 wont rev past 4100-4200 rpm

    Working on my new project, a 97 sl 900. I bought it not running with a locked up motor. Took a motor out of a 96 sl 900 that was running but the hull was in bad shape, well i say running, it would run if i poured gas down the carbs. So i pulled the motor and rebuilt the carbs and put it in the 97. On the 97 everything works, the mfd, the trim, the bilge, etc...i can't for the life of me figure out why it can't rev past around 4100 to 4200 rpm. I tried unplugging the grey wire to see if it was in limp mode and it ran just the same, changed out the lr 23 module just in case. It doesn't backfire or pop like it is out of time, and the stator tested out good. Not sure what it could be, maybe the cdi? I have a 96 sl 900 and 2 99 sl 1050's that i can scavenge parts from if needed. Any ideas anyone??? Any help is greatly appreciated

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    ok, so after checking part numbers this morning it looks like the cdi in the 97 is part number 4060137 which is what the manual says it should have, it says that the 96 sl 900 used the same cdi, however when i looked in the ebox inside the 96 that i pulled the motor out of is has cdi part number 4060180 which shows to be from a newer ski, do i need to swap the cdi's for it to be compatible?

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    Swapped the cdi and it made no difference. Ski still does the same.

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    Anyone got an any ideas?

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    Its probably the stator on your original ignition system. They are known to limit RPM sometimes when they go bad. I bet the problem goes awway if you do the ignition update.

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