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    2007 GTI 4tec 12v low

    My 110 hour '07 GTI SE 155 has been throwing a "12v low" signal almost every time I start it up for the last 2 years. The battery is a 4-5 year old AGM replacement, and I keep it on a trickle charger when not in use. I've googled the problem but can't get a difnitilve answer! It always starts, sometime barely, but then runs fine all day or weekend. Stator? Voltage rectifier? What tests should I run on it? This issue hasn't changed for the better or worse for a couple of years....
    thanks for any help or direction.

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    I would start off cleaning the grounds, and probably buy a new battery and put it in with clean cables just for good measure. 4-5 years is a good long life for a battery, you got your moneys worth...

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    Put a meter on the battery when it starts (barely) and you will see the voltage dip below 12v... BINGO!
    New battery
    4-5 yrs from a AGM is well done

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