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    fuel issues SLTH 700

    got a guy that brought me his 1999 SLTH 700 to look at said it was running poorly above quarter throttle. pwc sat at my place a week or so before i looked at it. took the seat off and found that all the fuel from the tank was now in the bottom of the hull except for a couple inches of fuel at the bottom of the tank. cannot see where the fuel is pushing out of. motor is not flooded, fuel lines look ok, seperator too. put some air pressure to the fuel tank but saw nothing leaking anywhere.

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    had the same problem on a ski a month ago or so, found that one of the clamps on the top of the fuel tank wasn't positioned correctly positioned when it was tightened and wouldn't leak with the air hose pressure but after the gas vapors pressurized it for a period of a couple days it was pushing the fuel up in the tube and slowly letting the fuel leak out. Also had one leak due to a worn out o ring on the fuel water separator. Easy way to eliminate alot of the fuel system is to make sure the fuel selector is turned off so that you can see if it's leaking before or after the selector valve

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