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    Ultra 250x - half boost at WOT?

    Hey guys, first time poster "long time owner"

    so I bought my skis new back in 08', but have probably only personally rode them a hand full or two times. Because if work, and living where the closest body of rideable water was almost 2 hours away they were foolishly left in the hands of family and friends. Last week I was finally able to take a look at them for the first time in a couple years and oh man...I owe a few people a beat down....

    of my many issues, I figured this was the most worry some. One of the skis has no top end power....well. On top end at all. I can only get it to around 25-30 and that's with feathering the throttle around 50%. Anymore than that and the rpms drop slightly. Boost maxes out around 50%, but the rpms are around 7k if I remember right. It feels like its Boeing limited electronically, but that's just my uneducated opinion.

    anyone have any ideas?


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    Check sc belt tension and condition. It may be slipping when you get to spinning the crank pulley so fast and bringing boost down, hence the rpm drop over half throttle.
    Check for boost leaks also.

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    I'll check that out. I'm in the process of replacing the belt on the other one. Once I get that done hopefully it will be running smooth. If so, I may just replace the other one although it doesn't seem to be loose, but I could be wrong. Both are originals.

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