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    Kawasaki 310x

    I just purchased a new ski and have a few questions. I'm sorry in advance if some on my questions are somewhere else here.

    1. How important is it to use fogging oil in the supercharger after every ride? I had a RXPX prior and never once did that

    2. I was thinking about getting the R&D intake grate and ride plate for more speed. Thoughts? is that enough or do I need additional mods as well.

    3. Any other helpful tips about any part of the ski would be appreciated.


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    1. Do not fog after every ride. Just every 3rd or so.

    2. No need for intake grate. The plate is okay. Best mod is Scom.

    3. Thread search for free air mods.

    Good luck.

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    I think you only need to fog if you are a saltwater rider. SCOM it and ride it.

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